Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The CAG Birds of USS INDEPENDENCE (Tribute to CVN-62 1990 tour)

The built up :  Monogram 1/48 EA-6B Prowler and Revell 1/48 A-6E Intruder 

The Enhancement: Paragon Wingfold After Market Parts

The References

The Enhancement: Eduard After Market Parts

The scratch built: The Enhancement of the wings

The Cockpit and The Crew

The Skin: Painted and weathered

some updates in 2016... sorry guys for being absent for so long. I had updated some progress in my FB. Here it goes...

briefly, I started building the F/A-18C with the kit wing folded mechanism from Hasegawa kit. I decided to built "Fist of the fleet" and "Stingers" both CAG bird. I received my E-2C hawkeye (Kinetic kit no:K48013) thru mail order. But first let me show you the progress of the A-6E and EA-6B...

Prowler received paint job and decals

Ready for weathering...

Raw umber oil paint wash

after wipes and retouched... Prowler received dusting coat to tone down the weathering effect....

side by side... Intruder and Prowler

Intruder received basic stencils... I don't have CAG decal for the Intruder as matter  in fact I'm thinking of painted it on . No after market decal available for "line a/c" sheesh!

Intruder paint job

top to bottom and left to right:
F/A-18C "Stingers" and  "Fist of the Fleet"
E-2C Hawkeye "Black Eagles"
EA-6B Prowler "Cougar"
A-6E Intruder "Main Battery"

Not many great color pic of the VAQ 139 in 1990 during the Desert Shield. This is one of the best so far...

CAG bird in action. The only reference i had on CAG prowler. Look at the weathering effect. The CAG has been slackin'? hehehe...