Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Straight from the box: Tamiya 1/35 M21 Mortar Carrier (kit no: 35083)


I built this kit long time ago and re-do the painting and fix the other small parts just recently. The kit was painted with base color (O.D) and was kept in one of my next to do boxes for several years. Just recently I flip through my old Tamiya Magazine (issue 79 Apr/May 2000) and have the urge to have a look into my N.T.D. boxes for this kit!... surprisingly the kit was still intact with very minimal damage, assembled, painted but not complete.

The built up:

Searched for the rest of the sprues and manage to find it... except for the decal sheet. After carefully glued all the loose and broken part I repaint it according to the article. However few steps were opted since I would want my half-track to be not extremely dirtied. I add the tarpaulin by using tissue paper soak with white glue and carefully place on the bracket rod given (included in the kit).

The kit received extra parts and accessories from various kit and also from my spare box, things such jerry cans, ammo box, duffel bag etc. I scratch build the rear stowage rack with plastic rod, sheet.


Again over a matter of individual preference, there's an old saying "Do with what you comfortable with, but learn new things... " I'm a mid age modeler and I'm fascinate and amaze with the works of Francois Verlinden and Tony Greenland. I'm used to read their books as a bedtime reading and admiring their works. Since the age of 20's I came across to know their names and 15 years after I'm still way out on finished  a model like theirs.. how sad! :( Well one thing for sure... keep on reading and keep on learning... and one fine day perhaps... :)

Tamiya Magazine emerged and change the whole new .... in model making scene. Pre-shading, chipped paint, weathering all new techniques was featured in monthly magazine. Pre-shade was a hit and we can see all the models featured will go through pre-shading affect irregardless the subject matter whether an aircraft, a ship or armor and this is like a "Fixie bike fever" where everyone ride a striking colorful bike! The days of pastel, oil washing, drybrushing were forgotten... well in this article I try to preserved both old and new ways... and hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did! and definitely... its the second best thing than... golf (I actually wanted to say sex!!)


No aftermarket parts were used on this model. Since it was out of the box built up, I just used whatever cheap and easy to find materials such as:

1) Tarpaulins - Tissue paper
2.) Stowage racks - Scratch build from plastic rod
3.) Belts and straps - Tamiya/ Surgical tape
4.) Buckles/ telephone/ cables etc - Fine copper wire
5.) Ammo - Brass wire
6.) Map/ Manual - Printed form internet

out of my N.T.D. box... with temporary mounted accessories..

the scratch build stowage rack 

note the paint job... too dark for a model..

I've made a mistake on the tracks... Mine was sagged and after looking at references photo... the rubber track was never sagged on the real thing..

received a light coat of faded O.D...

I add the tarpaulins since they looked good...and i was trying to hide some of the defects during the assemble last 10yrs! 

Slowly covered with wet tissues... and brush to shape...

All accessories were glued...

the projectiles add color to the boring O.D. machine...